How To Declutter Your Kids Playroom the Green Way

Lately, I noticed that two rooms of our house are chronically messy; the playroom and the kids bedroom.  My first thought was to buy some more shelving or maybe a cabinet.  Then I thought, you know there are probably several items that are for younger kids or babies.  Also, I thought of how Christmas is coming and we will be welcoming in several more pieces of clutter… uh I mean enriching toys for our children.

I went through the playroom with three boxes/bags; recycling, trash, donations.  This way, the amount that goes into a landfill is reduced and useful items can be available for others to reuse.  Believe it or not, I actually did most of this with the kids hanging around.  I just didn’t tell them what I was up to, that way I didn’t have anyone arguing with me over a toy they haven’t played with for two years.

Wait until the kids are distracted and then be sure to stash your donations bag away.  Otherwise, the kids will get ahold of it and ‘rediscover’ all of those toys all over your livingroom floor.  Trust me, I learned the hard way with that one.  Also, the trash bag should be quietly and swiftly hidden deep in a larger trash bag so that no items are under debate. 

“Mooooom!  Who threw away my frog sticker???”